The price for a fall protection for windows

As long as a fall protection on a window complies with building regulations, the material and the design can consist of many variants. Self-assembled simple metal versions are the cheapest solutions. An alternative may be the build up of low parapets, if the fall can also be offset.

Regulations and materials

Anyone planning windows for a new building must comply, among other things, with the rules for window fall protection. The building regulations of the federal states define window heights, which depend on the height of the fall and the type of building.

A higher level window with no or too low balustrade, in most cases under ninety centimeters, is secured by a so-called Parisian or French balcony. As materials come into question:

  • Galvanized iron
  • stainless steel
  • acrylic
  • real glass
  • Wood

If window grilles are fastened to protect against burglary, they will also be considered fall protection if they are appropriately screwed.

price ranges

The fall protection consists of either a broken area or a closed workpiece. Simple versions cost per meter width from about 200 euros. The fortifications must be done with wall plugs made of metal and beat with about one hundred euros to book.

If it is made by a locksmith's handrail, the price depends on effort, design and material. For stainless steel products and / or art locksmiths must be calculated from 300 euros per meter. High-quality fall protection costs from 500 euros.

Build, convert or rebuild yourself

As long as the construction meets the load requirements, it is also possible to build a window fuse itself. Rods embedded and anchored in the soffit or the masonry are among the cheapest solutions and can be realized from about 150 Euro material costs.

Before a window grille is retrofitted, a rebuilding of the window can be checked. A balustrade, for example, of an old building can be bricked up to the required height. However, it must be remembered that either the fall is increased accordingly or a new window height arises.

Tips & Tricks

For broken fall arresters such as railings, you must also follow the rules for the distances between the vertical or horizontal linkages.

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