The price for a lofty staircase usually depends on the U-value

The price range for floor stairs ranges from under a hundred to several hundred euros. The simplest versions consist of native conifers without a box and other accessories. Complete kits with box body increase in price, the lower the heat transfer coefficient of flap and body.

Simple versions without insulation properties

In the cheapest product class attic stairs are available, which are offered with or without Klappluke without further accessories. The hatch plates have no special insulation properties and the staircase consists of simple metal rod with pine or spruce stages.

The folding staircases start at prices starting at about sixty euros and are suitable for attic stairs that represent entrances to fully insulated attics. A separate isolation is not available.

Price limit by U-value

Kits with fodder box, which include an insulation of the loft ladder, are available from about one hundred euros. A price limit represents a heat transfer coefficient or U value of 1.0. Floor stairs with values ​​above are significantly cheaper than a U value below.

When properly installed, the best products achieve U-values ​​of about 0.7 and are in the price range between 200 and 400 euros. The U-value of a loft ladder develops from the interaction of a insulated or insulated hatch and an airtight box.

Material and stair construction

Another price factor is the type of staircase construction, the load capacity and the production material. The simplest models use light metal or native and quickly grown coniferous wood. The stairs are designed in the majority to a load of up to 150 kilograms. The poles are made of sheet metal, which are not very resistant to lateral load.

If the staircase body is made of high quality wood or metal, the permanent load capacity is also more pronounced against laterally acting forces. Scissor stairs and slide-in stairs have a higher dead weight, on which the folding mechanism is designed. These attic stairs cost between 200 and 400 euros. Accessories such as automatic with fold-out handrails and electric drives can result in top-quality products at prices up to 2000 euros.

Tips & Tricks

Inquire before installing a loft ladder according to the standard dimensions of the loft ladder offers. For bespoke designs you have to calculate with up to twenty percent markup.

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