The price of a new door lock

If the old door lock is broken or the key is lost, the purchase of a new cylinder is pending. This raises costs in different amounts, depending on how the new castle should be designed and whether you install it yourself or not. Take a close look at the prices for door locks with us to get a first orientation.

How much is a door lock?

The lower price for a door lock is around 7 EUR. For this sum, you get a simple lock cylinder without special security features in the hardware store or on the Internet. The price range of the cheap locks extends to about 20 EUR.

Locks of questionable quality are not recommended for external doors if a minimum level of burglary protection is to be guaranteed. Home and back doors should be better equipped with a brand lock cylinder, which can quite cost 60 to about 90 euros.

Additional costs for your door lock

In addition, there may be the cost of a locksmith who makes the lock exchange. You will be able to install a simply constructed lock yourself, in case of doubt ask the manufacturer for instructions.

If you do not want to or can not install your own door lock, choose a reputable locksmith who does not advertise with big A's or bold advertisements. However, a short deployment a week costs about 150 EUR or more.

Price example for a high-quality door lock

A landlady equips his front door with a new, secure brand door lock. He buys a new cylinder and orders the specialist who installs the lock.

Cost overviewprice
1. brand door lock75 EUR
2. Installation165 EUR
total240 EUR

Does a new door lock really have to be made?

The price for a new door lock can be quite high, maybe the replacement is not necessary. First, try out whether you can make the clamping cylinder again by cleaning or oiling, you may also need to adjust the door hinges.

Tips & Tricks

In most cases, the old door lock can be easily removed by loosening the screw on the front side and pulling out the cylinder with a slight jerk. Then insert the new lock in a similar way and screw it tight.

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