The price for the noble ambience: What do marble tiles cost?

Even in ancient times, marble floors were considered particularly valuable. The natural stone not only looks extremely noble, it is also robust. Who wants to treat himself to this luxury in his house, today buys ready-cut marble tiles. Where is the price for it?

Price factors for marble tiles

The price of marble tiles ranges from around 40 to 140 euros per square meter. However, particularly exquisite marble can cost several hundred euros per square meter.

The final price for the consumer depends first of all on the material itself and of course also on the type of processing.

  • Rare stones become exclusive goods, the price goes up.
  • Especially beautiful pieces are in great demand and therefore cost more.
  • Large pieces of marble are generally more expensive than small pieces.
  • Cheap produced marble tiles from the Far East are cheaper to have.

The same material costs much more in the form of a large-format marble tile than in a small format, because small tiles can be easily cut from leftover pieces.

Marble baseboards that match the marble floor cost about 8 to 40 EUR per meter in the trade, but there are also some outliers up here.

When shopping, remember: Marble is a natural product, so every margin is unique. Your floor will therefore be an inimitable one of a kind, worth its price.

Where to buy marble tiles?

On the Internet you will find marble tiles - but also borders, columns, fireplaces and other exquisite marble products - for example at the address Here you can equip your entire house with the noble stone.

Wholesale prices await you at You can also order samples here for a sample fee, but it is best to look in person in Hessisch-Lichtenau.

On the website you will find marble tiles as well as porcelain stoneware, granite and quartz composite. You may discover complementary materials to your marble tiles for a good price.

It is best to buy a few tiles on reserve for your marble floor in case of damage to your tiles. Prevention is required especially for rare marbles!

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