The price for a roller shutter motor

In many houses and apartments also blinds are installed on the windows. However, the majority of these blinds are operated manually. However, more and more people prefer the convenience of electric shutters. In addition to the installation and how this works, above all, the price for the roller shutter motor in advance is important.

Differentiation of different roller shutter systems

Blinds are very much dependent on the trends of their time. So there are times when blinds are not usually planned on houses, then again comes a phase in which shutters are almost a matter of course. Depending on this, you must already differentiate between top-mounted roller shutters and front roller shutters. Attached shutters are already planned during the construction of the house and integrated into the masonry. Attached shutters, on the other hand, are subsequently installed on the exterior of the façade.

Shutter options

With the operating options for opening and closing the shutters, you must differentiate between different options:

  • Roller shutter belt
  • crank
  • electrical operation (actuator or switch or remote control)

Replace manual roller shutter belt with electric drive

Although the roller shutter belt is the most common, it does have many disadvantages. So the straps and tear often after a few years in use often. Here we show you how you can clean roller shutter belts or even repair a roller shutter belt without opening the case. Nevertheless, many owners eventually decide for the much more comfortable electric roller blind belts.

The prices for an electric roller shutter motor

Especially in times in which the smart home is becoming increasingly attractive, in which blinds can also be included, interest in electrical operation is increasing. A crucial question, however, is the cost. The actual prices can not be called here, because even with the same roller shutter motor, a completely different price can be present - depending on whether you buy online or at the retailer in your city.

Differences between unknown and branded goods

However, it should be clear that branded products are more expensive at first glance than "no-name" hardware products. However, do not forget that you also often have to buy twice for the roller shutter belt, if you buy cheap and then the drive can be considerably more expensive. Often not even spare parts are in distribution for products of unknown manufacturers.

Various electric roller shutter drives

However, you can not only distinguish the prices between unknown and branded products. In addition, there are also various electric drive options:

  • Roller shutter motor (tubular motor)
  • electric belt feeder (the lower small box with electric drive)

Cost of a tubular motor higher

The tubular motor is mounted in the roller shutter box directly to the shaft. Find out how to proceed with the electrical retrofitting of the roller shutter here. In short: on the drive side, the shaft bearing is removed and replaced by the tubular motor. For this, the electrical system must also be laid in the wall.

The electric belt rewinder

The belt feeder box is the bottom small box into which the belt is pulled when you open shutters. This can be selected electrically as an attachment or insert (on or in the wall). These electric drives are characterized by significantly lower prices compared to the tubular motor.

More options for the tubular motor, but also higher prices for the accessories

For this purpose, the possibilities are limited. As a rule, you can not integrate these products into a smart home. Even sensors (rain or light sensors) are difficult to connect. Remote controls are also not available for every model. On the other hand, you also have to reckon with these different equipment options for a roller shutter motor as a tubular motor with additional costs.

Tips & Tricks

Use the internet. Here you will find numerous different drives and you can compare the prices well. Once you have decided on a particular model, you will receive instructions for retrofitting a roller shutter motor

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