Price overview for concrete slabs pedestal bearings

The pedestal bearings, also known as plate bearings, are a practical auxiliary construction for laying concrete slabs simply and with good water drainage. The inexpensive plastic products are available in rigid form or with height adjustment.

Rigid pedestal

Pedestal bearings consist of a circular plastic disc, on which a joint cross is attached. There are rigid and adjustable pedestal bearings, which can be used with different techniques and the height compensation. In the rigid variants usually a foot ring is available, can be plugged into the balancing rings. On the overhead ring is then usually fixed with plug-in technique, the joint cross on which the corners of the concrete slabs are placed.

Adjustable pedestal bearings

The pedestal bearings, which are infinitely adjustable in height by means of a central thread, consist of a round foot section into which a round pin with external thread is screwed into the internal thread of the foot section. A screw-on ring with internal thread and cross-joint webs is screwed into the required height and can be adjusted to millimeter precision by any number of revolutions. A second variant are pedestals with four independently adjustable threaded connections. This allows each corner of the concrete slab to be adjusted individually.

Price overview for concrete slabs pedestal bearings: slabs

Water runs off through open joints

As a support surface for pedestal bearings are flat solid surfaces such as a screed or highly compacted soil. By placing the concrete slabs under the laying surface creates a cavity through which the water can drain, which penetrates through the open joints. The cavity height can be adjusted and increased depending on the construction project or expected rainfall. Theoretically, cavities up to fifty centimeters are possible.

Current offers

Rigid pedestal
10 mm height, 12 cm diameterplattenlager.beepworld.deFrom 1.65 to 0.73 EUR / piece
15 mm high, 15 cm in diameterbauartikel24.de0,43 EUR / piece
Adjustable pedestal bearings
Quadruple thread, joint width 6 mmrakuten.de3,75 EUR / piece

Single thread, joint width 4 mmbauartikel24.de3.57 EUR / piece

Several accessories

Stilt bearings in both rigid and adjustable form consist of several parts. Depending on the intended height compensation, support and intermediate rings must be added to the basic prices of the individual pedestal bearing. Special finishing elements for the edges of the laying surface of the concrete slabs are to be taken into account as extra items, but single-threaded pedestals can not be used as finishing elements.

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Tips & Tricks

The drainage of water from regular drying of surfaces covered with concrete slabs is of particular concern to manufacturers. Especially for locations subject to heavy wear and tear due to moisture or strong weather, pedestal bearings with special drainage and drainage properties are developed. These products are referred to as draining pedestal bearings.

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