Price overview for WPC decking

In addition to untreated natural wood such as bangkirai or Douglas fir and impregnated woods for outdoor use, a very modern material has conquered the field of decking especially in recent years: WPC. In terms of price, however, it is in many cases slightly higher than natural wood.

WPC - natural plastic

WPC is a so-called composite - it consists of about 30 - 50% ground wood meal and special polymers. This makes WPC decking much more resistant to moisture and - at least that is what the manufacturers claim - also much more durable.

Unlike natural wood, WPC is completely manufactured industrially. Despite very efficient production methods, the price is therefore always slightly higher than for native, untreated natural wood. In terms of a longer shelf life, however, the price can pay off.

There are price differences at WPC especially due to the type of wood used in the product, but also the proportion of wood, which is not the same for all products.

What to look for when buying

Unlike natural wood, WPC's wood used only plays a minor role in the durability of the decking - it has more impact on the appearance of the decking. You can therefore buy cheaper WPC decking from a less expensive type of wood.

The higher the wood content, the more natural WPC planks look. But since wood is often more expensive than plastic, sometimes it also affects the price. Decide, whenever you have the opportunity, if possible in the opinion of what you like better, on pictures, this is often difficult to pin down.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

WPC decking
4880 x 140 mm, Bankirai opticsholzprofi24.de4,39 EUR / running meter
138 x 21 mm, hollow profile plankswpc-diele.de6,73 EUR / running meter
WPC decking
4880 x 140 mm, gray structuredholzprofi24.de4,99 EUR / running meter
138 x 21 mm, premium plankwpc-diele.de10,26 EUR / running meter

Cost of the overall construction

For WPC, a special substructure made of the same material is necessary - here, one can assume that it costs around 20 euros per 4-meter element. There is also the necessary mounting material and the side panels.

Without a concrete subsoil, a compacted gravel bed with a layer of sand and a paving foundation made of paving slabs is also necessary in order to be able to stably build the terrace construction. So there are considerable additional costs for the construction of the terrace.

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