The price of acetone

Acetone is an organic solvent used for a variety of occasions. In addition, acetone can be mixed with various substances. This results in a wide range of applications for acetone, which naturally ensures an equally large price range. Here are some key facts that will help you determine the price of acetone relatively well.

Basically to acetone

Acetone is an organic solution that was discovered back in 1605. Since then, the application possibilities have widened considerably. Among other things, acetone is needed for the following requirements or processes:

  • as Lackentferner and Abbeize
  • for removing resins, oils and fats
  • for different syntheses
  • for the production of PMMA (polymethymethacrylate or acrylic glass)

This acetone is slightly toxic, which is why it is not widely available depending on the amount and in large quantities requires different evidence. In addition, acetone is produced differently, which also affects the price.

Different production methods mean different prices

One method of preparation is the dehydration of isopropanol, another is the phenol synthesis (cumene hydroperoxide process). But the acetone-butanol fermentation is a common process, but from the second half of the 20th century has always been less important.

In addition, acetone is also produced in nature, for example when fermenting fruits. Even the human body produces acetone under certain conditions. Acetone can also be partially metabolized. While acetone may not be carcinogenic as is often the case, certain precautions need to be taken.

Numerous applications in different products

In addition, acetone is not compatible with any plastic. Even some metals begin to oxidize at least when in contact with acetone. These are all points that are reflected in the price. The storage and transport conditions must be adapted, the transport containers etc.

From acrylic glass to nail polish remover

In addition, as already mentioned, acetone is used for numerous applications. Almost concomitant with the use by painters and refinishers is the use as a nail polish remover. But also certain foam guns (PU foam) can be cleaned with acetone.

Not to forget that acetone can also be used as an adhesive or is a component of certain plastic adhesives due to its different properties to different plastics for some plastics.

Tips & Tricks

The uses clearly define the price. Acetone is therefore available from specialist dealers for refinishers, DIY stores, drugstores and pharmacies.

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