The price of a concrete pump for rent and for sale

For the concreting of surfaces from about ten square meters, the use of a concrete pump begins to pay off. The price for the concrete pump may be the one-time rental fee, may be included in the package price of a trade by a specialist company or is the purchase price for a used or new own device.

Rent concrete pump

Who wants to rent a concrete pump, is usually well supplied with compact small devices. The transportable on a trailer hitch concrete pumps can be picked up by the landlord or brought. Depending on the strength of the engine and range of the pump is usually a flat rate between 50 and 150 euros calculated. When the concrete pump is delivered, the base price usually staggered in addition to the distance and can rise to 350 euros.

The main part of the price is the amount of concrete delivered. Up to thirty cubic meters usually a flat fee is charged, which is small pumps between 200 and 300 euros and increases in the largest models up to 600 euros. If the minimum pumping rate of concrete falls below 15 to 25 cubic meters, depending on the size of the pump, an hourly rate will be charged. It is between 150 and 300 euros and must be paid in addition to the pure pumping time for the one to two-hour construction site.

If it is not possible to clean the concrete pump at the construction site, a lump sum of around 200 euros will be charged. This basic structure is the approximate price for a rented concrete pump, which can be further increased by further indirect costs.

Ready-mixed concrete and purchase

Who orders ready-mixed concrete, pays the use of a pump on the concrete total price. For pump delays over the contractually defined cubic meter throughput in a given time unit surcharges must be paid.

Used concrete pumps, which can be transported as trailers, are available depending on condition and operating hours between 10,000 and 20,000 euros. Fahrbetonmischer with pump are used from around 50,000 euros on the market. New concrete pumps cost from around 25,000 euros.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to buy a used concrete pump, you will find on online portals for vehicle sales. Most of them are listed in categories such as commercial vehicles, trucks or similar.

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