Prices of hollow blocks in the overview

Of course, the material plays a role in the prices for hollow blocks - but not only. Read here everything you need to know about prices for hollow blocks.

Materials are crucial

Since the term "hollow block" only describes a construction method, different prices are of course only by the materials of which the respective hollow blocks are made. This can be brick clay, but also sand-lime brick, concrete or lightweight concrete.

But when it comes to the price of materials, you should always keep in mind the characteristics - and the incidental costs involved in the construction. The better the heat-insulating properties of the stone, the less additional insulation is required - which in turn can often make the overall cost much cheaper. The cost of the stones alone is not necessarily always crucial here, it depends on the overall planning.

Prices of hollow blocks in the overview: hollow blocks

Stone dimensions as a price criterion

Of course, since the prices for different stone sizes can often be different, of course, also plays a role in the total price, which stone size you use. The mortar consumption varies slightly with the stone size, moreover, compact walls with less mortar joints are often much better thermal insulation. In the end, all of this has a decisive effect on the total price and the total cost of your project.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Hollow blocks
248 x 115 x 238 mm, 4 DF sand-lime brickcirkel.de15,84 EUR / m²
Meier M 10 thermal insulation block, 247 x 490 x 248 mmmeier-betonwerk.de3,90 EUR / piece ex works
Hollow blocks
248 x 300 x 238 mm, 10 DF sand-lime brickcirkel.de41.35 EUR / m²
Meier M 10 thermal insulation block, 247 x 300 x 248 mmmeier-betonwerk.de2.55 EUR / piece ex works

When buying you should note:

Even the same stone can often have very different prices for individual builders' merchants - a price comparison is worthwhile in any case, even more so when it comes to delivery costs. Always compare the prices for pallet acceptance with each other - for individual dealers, the information can often be different.

Tips & Tricks

Pallet removal is always much cheaper than buying the stones in different quantities. Compare also here carefully the offers, sometimes there are also with individual dealers with acceptance of several pallets special graduated prices.

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