The price of PVC flooring is among the cheapest for flooring

The most convincing argument for PVC flooring is the price. If large areas of ground are to be laid out and covered, five-digit amounts will quickly come together with almost all materials. The cheapest PVC floor starts at square meter prices from five euros. In addition, usually low installation costs.

Check claim factors

Anyone who chooses to lay PVC should consider the installation location and the specific requirements when selecting the quality and the origin. Plastics can be produced in elaborate production processes with high-quality and safe additives. Unfortunately, the "tinkling" of health-critical products is possible.

The following factors should be considered in the selection and the necessary investment budget:

  • Are children and / or pets often or constantly moving near the ground?
  • Is high abrasion, for example, due to street shoes in the hallway?
  • What are the ventilation options and how often does an air exchange take place?
  • Do people spend hours in the room like in the bedroom?
  • Are there unheated or no rooms under the floor?
  • Is frequent moisture and wetness expected in the bathroom and kitchen?

If you have to budget heavily with your budget, you can choose PVC floors of different quality and price levels, depending on the room type.

Designs and price ranges

A PVC floor is available in different versions. The cheapest pads are printed rolls and up to 1.2 inches thick. They have little elasticity and require a level underbody. The square meter prices are between five and 25 euros. Double-sided adhesive tape can usually not be used for fixation because it sags in the long run.

Two-layer coverings often have an insulating and elastic foam on the underside. It ensures a comfortable appearance and forgives even slight bumps in the underbody. The PVC floor can be fixed with tape and costs in versions with smooth surfaces between ten and fifty euros per square meter (sqm).

Even textured coverings such as wood and stone imitations have a foamed underside. Depending on the optical quality and laying method, they cost between thirty and one hundred euros per square meter. If the PVC floor is provided with a self-adhesive underside, approximately twenty percent higher prices per square meter must be calculated.

Laying and additional work

In terms of labor costs, much depends on the nature of the substrate. If there is a level screed, the cost of laying can be less than five euros per square meter. Mostly, the independent installation is also no problem.

If the substrate needs to be straightened or the PVC is laid in a wet room, such as in a bathroom, the costs of laying and waterproofing can increase up to fifty euros per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

If you are concerned with the idea of ​​plastic on the floor, possibly with the risk of plasticizers softening, you have a safe alternative in cork floors in the similar price range.

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