Price overview for walnut parquet

The walnut is called precious wood and its heartwood has a unique individual texture. The predominantly dark wood is more or less pronounced striped and medium hard. In the case of walnut parquet, wood age and slow drying are an important criterion for quality.

Origin and processing

The walnut is a hardwood and belongs to the walnut family. To parquet are usually lighter European or darker American species processed.

The heavy wood of the walnut parquet is stable and durable and is suitable for solid wood parquet as well as for the production of veneers and wearing course in multi-layer parquets.

Age, drying, care and roots

If walnut has not dried out thoroughly, the wood tends to crack. The high price for walnut parquet arises because very old trees are needed and a long drying time is required.

The wood of the walnut is not very absorbent, which makes the care and conservation with oil or wax consuming. For outdoor use, the wood is not suitable because it can hardly be impregnated.

A special feature is the additional production of Wurzelmaserfurnieren from the rootstocks and Stammauswüchsen, which have very pronounced and decorative grains.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Nature herringbonefertigparkett.org36.00 EUR / sqm
Cube mosaicfertigparkett.org32.27 EUR / sqm
Longstrip 3-bar sealedparkett-store24.de39,90 EUR / sqm
Parquet paintedparkett-store24.de111.96 EUR / sqm

Heartwood and regional differences

The heartwood of the walnut is darker than the sapwood. Make sure that your parquet contains no sapwood, which is recognizable by its gray-white color.

American walnut has a darker color and a calmer texture than most European species. Especially French walnut parquet tends to have a paler and slightly greyish surface. Southern European walnut has a higher contrast than central and northern European shrubs.

The flames of the surface of the walnut parquet create an antique look. In addition, walnut can be brushed, sanded and steamed.

Tips & Tricks

The price of walnut varies due to both regional and market factors. Frost damage can lead to bottlenecks in walnut and the high demand leads in part to export bans or quotas. You can usually find a very similar alternative for your favored walnut parquet, which may differ in price due to the general conditions.

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