Value for money at the coffee machine

There are several companies that have tested fully automatic coffee machines. An important test criterion is always the price-performance ratio. Learn here which coffee machines stand out in this area and which criteria are also important.

The test of "coffee machine in the test"

Here 18 coffee machines from different manufacturers were tested for different criteria. The criteria here include:

  • Detachable milk container
  • Power saving function
  • Adjustable amount of coffee and water
  • Adjustable water hardness / water filter
  • Suitable for coffee powder
  • And of course the price-performance ratio

The test winner

Interestingly, the test winner was not the winner in the price performance ratio. The winner of the test was the DeLonghi One Touch ECAM 23.466.S coffee machine with an overall rating of 1.1, which currently costs 679 euros and would therefore rather belong to the middle price range of fully automatic coffee machines.

The winner in price-performance

The best rating in the price-performance ratio got the DeLonghi ECAM 23420 SB fully automatic coffee machine and managed it with an overall rating of 1.4 still ranked 2nd This fully automatic machine is not among the cheapest, but is with its 400 to 460 euros Acquisition costs a good 200 euros cheaper than his sister model. The DeLonghi One Touch ECAM 23.466.S is superior to him only in a few points: So here is the milk container removable, the coffee temperature adjustable and it has a special cappuccino function.
Interestingly, the test result was different for another test company:

The test of "test winner"

Here, a coffee machine from Melitta, namely the Melitta Caffeo Cl was crowned the test winner with an overall grade of 1.4. The deciding factors were above all the two bean containers, which allow the preparation of different coffee beans, as well as the intelligent technology, which remembers the preferences of up to four coffee drinkers. But also this machine falls with 639 euros in the middle price range.

Price winner and bestseller is again a coffee machine from DeLonghi: The DeLonghi ECAM 22.110 SB. For only 300 euros, it is to have and can do everything you would expect from a coffee machine: grind beans and prepare delicious coffee and milk froth. It is relatively quiet, heats up quickly in 20 seconds and grind, coffee quantity and water temperature are adjustable.

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