Buy prices and tips for Schalsteine

Conventional Schalsteine ​​consist of light or normal concrete. The individual blocks with air chambers are easy to wall and can be filled with concrete. In this way, a subsequent dismantling of a formwork is eliminated, which saves not only time but also the formwork material such as boards, brackets and linkage. By default, there are three different sizes of Schalersteinen that are offered at unit prices.

Also new materials on offer

Until a few years ago, the Schalsteine ​​consisted almost entirely of concrete. Since their function derives primarily from their shape, even formworks made of insulating materials begin to prevail. For example, products made of, for example, polystyrene or styrofoam do not contain any stone, but are also offered on the market under the name Schalstein. The prices for concrete formwork stones depend on the size. In the widespread height of 15 centimeters, the individual prices start at the width of fifty centimeters from about 1.60 euros per stone, with the double height of thirty centimeters at 1.70 euros and forty centimeters height from two euros. Shuttering stones made of insulating materials and plastics vary between two and five euros each.

The pure formwork stones make up one third of the total costs

In addition to the pure acquisition costs, two further main costs have to be considered with the concrete to be filled in and the steel reinforcement. Here can be achieved by selecting and purchasing noticeable price differences. If the gravel used to mix the backfilling concrete is obtained directly from the gravel plant, the total price of the concrete, including cement, can be reduced by up to one third. Other factors, such as the delivery or use of ready-mixed concrete, are further decisive factors in the prices. As a guideline, with a wall thickness of twenty centimeters, around one hundred liters of concrete per square meter can be expected.

Buy prices and tips for Schalsteine: prices

Where Schalsteine ​​can be bought

There are two main sources of supply for Schalsteine ​​with the building materials trade and the hardware stores. When comparing the prices of transport is to be considered, since each individual Schalsteine ​​weighs between twenty and forty kilograms. Often package deals with free transport, where the unit price is for example for a Schalstein at around three euros, in sum cheaper than cheap special offers with the extra cost of transport.

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