Prices for bone stones

Bones are cheap to pave an area. In addition to the purchase of new products, there are also many offers of used bone stones. If you search on the internet for classifieds for bone stones, you will often find in your region, which allows the most anticipated pickup. The popular bone stones are available in such large quantities that used copies are even given away. The offers, however, usually contain only whole stones, because at demolition semi-stones and initial stones are usually not removable without breakage by cementation. A very inexpensive solution is to buy the new graduation blocks. The standardized sizes allow combining and to eliminate any color differences, an intensive surface cleaning after completion of the patch is sufficient.

New bone stones from eight euros per square meter

If you value new bone, you can expect square meter prices of eight to twelve euros, depending on your strength. On the price list under the cheapest gray stone with six centimeters thickness for manual laying for nine euros plus VAT is offered. The machine-installable version with eight centimeters thickness costs ten euros. For the colors brown, anthracite and red are offered 12.50 euros. This supplier has as well as some others also white stones in the special color white for the hand laying in the assortment, which are to have for 17.50 euro. If you research the current offers of DIY stores and building material stores in your area, you can find new goods from just eight euros per square meter including VAT, but usually only in the color gray.

Used stones, special items and restware

It is very worthwhile browsing the classified ad markets in your region, whether in the local newspaper or on the Internet. The regional classified ad market of Ebay at is an example and often you will also find new goods, which originate from errors in the area calculation.

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