Prices for bricks - carefully calculate

Even if you can not see them later, the bricks are an important factor in the construction budget. Comparing can be worthwhile here. However, the correct amount must first be calculated in each case. In addition, the freight costs must be included in the calculation. Here are some prices for bricks.

Quantity reduces the price

Even with the acceptance of a complete range, the price for the individual stone is reduced considerably. But with the acceptance of a full truckload this will be much more. That's why the client is happy, who might be able to team up with several of his new neighbors in a new development area. It is worthwhile to seek the conversation.

Reduce delivery costs

The more stones are ordered, the cheaper the total price, but also the delivery costs can often be negotiated. However, it is important to compare the prices of different manufacturers considering the delivery costs anyway.

It can more often be the case that a manufacturer in the region is more expensive by one to two cents per stone. However, this may be relativised by the saved freight costs.

Type of stone - reduce costs

For the outer walls, solid stones must be used, as shown in our price examples below. For non-load-bearing interior walls, partially also gas concrete blocks or aerated concrete can be used. These are often cheaper because of their size and can be set much faster, which in turn reduces labor costs.

Overview of prices for bricks

The bricks listed here are suitable for both exterior and interior walls. The thermal tiles are bricked in a thin bed process. With the smaller limestone bricks, the client can decide for himself whether he prefers the thin-bed method or a normal mortar joint.

  • Building bricks lime sandstone NF 25 x 12,5 x 6,5 centimeters - perforated - piece 0,44 Euro - pallet 360 pieces 0,39 Euro / piece
  • Building bricks lime sandstone NF 25 x 12,5 x 6,5 centimeters - full - piece 0,49 euro - pallet 360 pieces 0,47 euro / piece
  • Thermo brick lime sandstone NF 12 x 50 x 23.8 centimeters - perforated thermo brick - piece 1.78 euros - pallet 60 pieces 1.68 euros / piece
  • Thermo brick Lime sandstone NF 30 x 25 x 23.8 centimeters - perforated thermo brick - piece 2.18 Euro - pallet 80 pieces 1,98 Euro / piece

Tips & Tricks

Of course, most suppliers of bricks have only heavy, large trucks designed for loading large quantities of building materials. Therefore, it is usually pointed out that the unloading point must be passable with a 40-tonner, or directly adjacent to a drivable track. Here usually the tailboard of the truck is called as guideline.

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