Prices for concrete cutting: These costs will come to you

For concrete cutting, the use of special equipment is necessary, and in addition, special safety precautions must be taken in most cases. For these reasons, it is by no means lay work, a specialized company must. What costs arise?

Pricing for concrete cutting: you should know that!

The specialist company for concrete cutting work calculates according to the actual effort of the respective work, therefore we can only give guideline values ​​for the prices. In addition to the working hours, the cost information also includes the use of the complex technical equipment and other ancillary costs.

Concrete cutting is usually done with a special hydraulic diamond tool. Water and electricity must be available for free in the immediate vicinity.

Wall sawing overhead costs usually about 50% more. For necessary corner holes, which should prevent overcuts, the usual core drilling costs are incurred. For small orders you will probably have to pay a minimum price.

Prices as guide values

  • A cutting depth of 10 cm costs about 35 EUR per running meter.
  • A cutting depth of 20 cm costs about 70 EUR per running meter.
  • A cutting depth of 40 cm costs about 140 EUR per running meter.
  • A cutting depth of 50 cm costs about 175 EUR per running meter.
  • A cutting depth of 60 cm costs about 210 EUR per running meter.

The prices are without VAT. In addition, there are often other costs, for example, a surcharge between 20 and 40% for sloping wall sawing.

If there is no suitable power source (32 A and 400 V) at the place of use, then it is possible to rent a corresponding generator. The rental price is around 150 EUR per day.

The subsequent cleaning of the site is of course associated with costs. In most cases, this work is calculated according to hourly rates and machine costs, the hourly wage is around 40 to 50 EUR.

Cost example for cutting concrete

In the course of a major renovation of the building, the cutting of installed concrete slabs is on the agenda. The concrete is 40 cm thick. Added to this is the rent for a generator.

Cost overviewprice
1. Cut 80 meters of concrete11,200 euros
2. VAT2,128 EUR
3rd generator300 EUR
total13,628 EUR

Save costs: bundle orders

Most specialist companies grant their customers a worthwhile discount on follow-up and collective orders. So think about whether you can bundle orders - possibly in combination with other services offered by the same company.

Tips & Tricks

Many specialist companies also offer the disposal of the rubble as a paid service. Ask for a written disposal certificate for your documents!