The prices for cast stone depend on the processing

Cast stone is processed using the techniques used in natural rocks. This results in attractive surfaces that often look deceptively real as natural stone imitations. Cast stones are also offered as terrazzo. The prices vary greatly, since the workup requires very different effort.

Influence of the material price and terrazzo

The material concrete is much cheaper as a material than natural rocks. The processing of the surfaces is, however, similarly expensive, so that only the price difference of the starting material is significant. High-quality cast stones with the appropriate processing can be more expensive than the cheapest natural stone products.

The classic offer is terrazzo slabs with smooth polished surfaces and mottled textures. They are used both as floor coverings and as wall coverings. The designs range from fine to coarse grain. The cast stones of this genus are available for prices starting from fifty euros per square meter.

Natural stone shards and Agglostein

The concrete stones can be made exclusively with cement and gravel or enriched with synthetic resin and natural stone. Larger "broken pieces" form natural stone impressions after surface treatment. Depending on the proportion of interferences, the price may increase slightly. However, since in the majority of cases the so-called "waste" of the natural stone industry is used, the price swing is moderate.

Another typical concrete work stone is the Agglostein. Here, the cement is mixed as a binder with residues of marble, limestone, granite and other natural rocks. From larger stone shards or fragments to sand-like powder forms many different mixtures are possible. The "baked" agglomerations are in the price range of sixty to one hundred euros per square meter.

Machining and construction

As processing methods in concrete cosmetics come next to the grinding, optionally with polish, sandblasting, flaming and treat with acid as finishing techniques used. As a means of prices should be calculated at eighty euros per square meter. Frost-resistant outdoor products need to be considered at about twenty percent higher prices.

A clear difference in price exists between single and multi-layered manufactured concrete blocks. The prices for multi-layered structures are around fifty percent higher than those of single-layered products.

Tips & Tricks

The surfaces of your concrete block are porous, even with very smooth sanding, and are similarly sensitive to the effects of liquids such as natural stone or unsealed concrete. Some products are offered with a seal already incorporated in the grinding process.

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