Prices for bamboo decking

Bamboo is a building material that has been tried and tested for millennia, and because of its hardness and natural resistance, it is also well suited for terraced construction. Above all, bamboo is an ecological alternative to tropical woods whose impact on our rainforests is decimated. Priced decking made of bamboo but also slightly higher than domestic products.

Bamboo as ecological natural substance in modern processing

For decking, above all, heat-treated fiber bamboo is used, which is often additionally oiled. This is necessary to make bamboo resistant to weather conditions.

Bamboo is therefore a natural composite material, which is superior to other types of wood, especially in terms of hardness and dimensional stability - which is also reflected in the price.

There are price differences for bamboo decking boards due to different manufacturing processes and different aftertreatment. Oiled bamboo planks are usually much more expensive than the untreated version.

What to look for when buying

The quality of bamboo flooring always depends on the manufacturing process.

The higher the wood content, the more natural WPC planks look. But since wood is often more expensive than plastic, sometimes it also affects the price. Decide, whenever you have the opportunity, if possible in the opinion of what you like better, on pictures, this is often difficult to pin down.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Bamboo decking, raw
1850 x 137 x 20 mmdingo-bamboo.de9,90 EUR / running meter
1850 x 137 x 20 mm, avocadoholzprofi24.de8,99 EUR / running meter
Bamboo decking, oiled
1850 x 137 x 20 mmdingo-bamboo.de10,15 EUR / running meter
2200 x 140 x 20 mmbambooshop24.de10,75 EUR / running meter

Cost of the overall construction

Decking boards must be mounted on a suitable substructure, which should also be made of wood - for the profile beams you have to expect an average of around 15 euros per meter of bamboo. In addition there is the necessary mounting material and possibly also boards for the veneering of the terrace.

If you still need a substructure, there are still costs and hassle for it - for the material and the production of a gravel bed and point foundation. Depending on the design, the material consumption is different here, so you need to calculate the necessary substructure separately.

Video Board: bamboo decking vs wood plastic decking price