The prices for dry concrete blocks and natural stone

Who wants to build a drywall on his property or in his garden, can choose between artificial and natural rock. Concrete dry concrete blocks are cheaper than natural stones, but short-lived. Some natural rocks have only slightly higher prices than high-quality concrete products.

Artificial dry stone

The optical character is a major criterion in deciding which material the dry brick stones should consist of. In the field of artificial stones made of concrete and, more rarely, of bricks, heavily modified variants are usually selected, which produce a natural visual appearance. Techniques such as flaming, mulling, bossing or drumming produce authentic-looking imitations of natural stone surfaces at different prices for concrete blocks.

  • Uneven "random" surface depth
  • Gradients with light-dark contrasts
  • Irregular "split" stone edges and corners
  • Fluted or roughened surfaces
  • Aggregates with color and / or mica effects

Dry stone from natural rock

The price of a stone wall depends heavily on the type of stone. The cheaper variants of drywall bricks include:

  • calcareous sandstone
  • limestone
  • terracotta
  • shell
  • basalt
  • Some porphyries
  • Some gneisses

In the more expensive area, above all, natural rocks are to be found, which can be expected to have a very long service life, have a special optical attractiveness or seldom occur:

  • Granite
  • gabbros
  • Some porphyries
  • Some gneisses
  • Jura marble

Important for drywall bricks is the "stackability" which allows a hold without mortar, glue or other attachment. In most cases, this requires a minimum of straightforward splitting, and depending on the type of wall and height, up to twenty percent of waste can be produced under the ready-to-use drywall bricks.

So much dry brick

The concrete products start at prices per square meter from thirty euros and in the majority reach up to one hundred euros. So-called wall systems are offered for around two hundred euros per square meter. However, they do not have much in common with a natural-looking look, which is usually the focus when using drywall bricks.

Dry stone from natural rock of the low price segment are offered at square meter prices of two hundred to five hundred euros. For high-quality dry stone, for example granite, you have to calculate up to a thousand euros. On average, you have a good choice for natural stone on one square meter for six hundred euros.

How to save

The cost and price of your drywall depends heavily on your needs and time invested. Often, both under natural rock as well as in concrete products, old inventories of building demolitions or demolition can be purchased cheaply. Contact persons are demolition companies, construction yards and private providers on the Internet.

Tips & Tricks

Cheap offers for used dry bricks are found mainly in rural areas. Especially when demolishing old barns, shelters or stables often come well-preserved dry stone bricks from different materials, which you get in some cases against even carried out dismantling free.

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