Prices for Rigips in the overview

Depending on the type of panel and manufacturer, plasterboards often have significantly different prices. The "classic" plasterboards come from Saint Gobain, which uses Rigips as the trade name for their plasterboard and gypsum fiberboards - so it's a brand name. Incidentally, you should not confuse plasterboard or plasterboard with the so-called gypsum wallboard, which consist entirely of stucco. They are usually much more expensive than conventional GK plates. Important for price comparisons is that there are two major manufacturers, namely Saint Gobain with the brand Rigips and the manufacturer Knauf, of which the majority of the plates is sold today, as well as the matching accessories from the joint filler to the edge smoother. Smaller manufacturers such as Danogips or Lafarge, however, are often less well represented in the trade, but can offer a price advantage.

Prices for individual plates

The price for a conventional GK panel measuring two meters in length, 125 millimeters in width and 12.5 millimeters in thickness is generally around six euros per square meter, with a thickness of 18 millimeters you have to expect around 9 euros per square meter. A 12.5-millimeter-thick fire protection board is here even cheaper by one euro per square meter, it is impregnated and thus suitable for wet rooms, you can count on around 10 euros per square meter. Insulated boards can usually cost up to double, that is up to 20 euros per square meter. So if a wall about 25 square meters to be insulated, already fall to 500 euros for the plates, in addition there is the Ansetzbinder and the accessories. Individual offers may also be lower, so a price comparison is worthwhile.

A small cost example to illustrate the costs

In our example, a room is to be divided by a total of 4 meters long partition wall with a door. For this purpose, a metal stand is erected, which is covered on both sides with ordinary plasterboard, in between is a very simple insulation of mineral wool in the thickness of 120 millimeters. The costs are broken down as follows (without door): For the UW profiles are about 15 euros due, the CW profiles are about 25 - 30 euros on average, for small parts such as connectors, hinged dowels and screws are again around 20 € payable, the stand framework is therefore around 65 €. For the insulation with simple mineral wool you can expect about 60 euros - higher-quality insulation can easily cost twice as much, this is mainly about the heat value. The Rigipsplatten in 12.5 mm thickness and simple execution beat with about 80 euros to book, if one proceeds from 10% waste. Small parts such as Rigipsschrauben and glass fiber reinforcement, the joint filler, the deep ground and a simple gypsum plaster together make up about 40 to 50 euros. The entire curtain wall costs about 270 to 280 euros without a door.

Prices for Rigips in the overview: prices