Prices for entrance stairs start in the three-digit range

Prices for entrance stairs start at a few hundred euros and can reach up to several thousand euros. Apart from the size and the number of stages, the material chosen plays an important role. While metal and concrete stairs are among the cheapest materials, natural stone and stainless steel usually cost much more.

material consumption

With regard to the cost of materials, light stairs "consume" less material with applied treads. However, since in most cases the substructure of a concrete staircase consists of concrete and is clad, the cost of materials in this type of staircase is about half higher.

In the terraced house construction are offered by the developers or home manufacturers usually some standardized stairs. The single-flight and straight staircases are available in metal and concrete versions. The price margins for the standard products range between 500 and 2000 euros.

Light stairs

At staircase stairs, the stairs are placed. The price is determined by the material of the stages. For a five-level staircase with a width of one meter, the following price ranges apply:

  • Individual stair steps made of concrete are available depending on the processing from fifty euros.
  • Individual steps made of granite cost from about 200 euros per piece.
  • Simple galvanized metal stairs are often designed as a staircase and cost completely from 500 euros.
  • The prices for steel stairs depend on the steel quality. Normal structural steel stairs are available from about 1000 euros.
  • For stainless steel stairs must be estimated from about 2500 euros.

Massive stairs

In a massive staircase usually a concrete substructure is covered. The substructure itself can be calculated from 200 euros, whereby the effort for the foundation can lead to higher expenses. For massive stairs with five steps and one meter width, the following prices are to be expected:

  • Concrete stairs without cladding with refurbished surfaces from 400 euros.
  • Concrete stairs with a natural stone cladding of both treads and risers and possibly the sides start from 1000 euros and reach on average usually price ranges between 2000 and 3000 euros.
  • Masonry stone stairs made of concrete blocks can be estimated from 500 euros.
  • Masonry stone stairs made of bricks or bricks cost from about 800 euros including foundation and mortar.
  • Massive natural stone stairs cost from 1500 euros.

Tips & Tricks

Many staircase construction companies offer online the possibility to individually configure the staircase at a price.

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