The prices for finished two-family houses

The price plays a major role in the purchase of a two-family house. But what should you pay attention to if you want to buy or sell a two-family house? This article tells you what is important in the price of a finished two-family house.

Which factors influence?

The price of a house is always influenced by several factors, including location, size, features and condition. The state not only has a strong influence on the current value of the house, but also on the further price development. An example: If a two-family house is occupied by mold, the greater the damage, the lower the value of the property.

The influence of the situation is also underestimated by many people, because not only the property but also the house price with a better location automatically increases. The identical two-family house can be several times more expensive if it is located in a central rather than remote location.

The prices for finished two-family houses: two-family

The loss of value in the prefabricated house

In the case of prefabricated houses, you as a buyer have the advantage of a relatively high loss of value compared to a comparable solid house: on average, a prefab house over 10 years loses about 10 - 20% more value than the massive variant. If you are interested in a finished two-family home, the above factors are just as crucial as any other house.

For the prefab house, however, you should pay attention to the following to make the purchase a success:

  • Condition of wooden construction; Often this is sensitive to external influences.
  • The insulation: If the prefabricated house is well insulated, it may be more expensive than a poorly insulated one.
  • The modernity: The more modern the house, the higher the value of the prefabricated house is usually.

Sell ​​a prefabricated house

As a seller of a prefabricated house you suffer from the relatively high loss of value of this house type. Therefore, you should have a report prepared, which determines the exact value of the property and ensure that the house is constantly well maintained. For a good condition contributes significantly to increase the selling price of a finished two-family house.

Tips & Tricks

If you have a good overview of the market, you will also find it easier to assess a price.

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