The prices for L concrete blocks without and with reinforcement

Concrete blocks in L- and U-shape are in addition to the cuboid bricks to the standard workpieces in gardening and landscaping. Basically, you divide into two groups. Normal L concrete blocks are not designed for static loads. For fastening with load effect reinforced and reinforced concrete blocks are necessary.

With or without reinforcement

The typical use for L concrete blocks are demarcations and fortifications of embankments, slopes and flower beds. In most cases, the concrete blocks need not withstand traffic or payloads caused, for example, by walking on or passing through the demarcated and paved areas.

If static loads are present, L-concrete blocks reinforced with steel can be used, the prices of which are significantly higher. As an alternative, depending on structural and design conditions, also concrete palisades can be used.

Standard dimensions and weight

The prices for L concrete blocks are awarded in running meters. Usual standard length measurements are forty centimeters, which equates to a requirement of 2.5 pieces per meter per yard. The stone length is combined with the standard measures times width and height, whereby the width of the stone corresponds to the depth. In brackets the single stone weight in kilograms.

  • 40x20x30 cm (29 kg)
  • 40x40x40 cm (55 kg)
  • 40x40x50 cm (64 kg)
  • 40x40x60 cm (72 kg)
  • 40x40x80 cm (96 kg)
  • 40x50x100 cm (126 kg)

The standard wall thickness of L concrete blocks is seven centimeters, with the smaller dimensions are also eight centimeters often available. The front sides of the L concrete blocks are normally chamfered longitudinally. Matching cornerstones are available in all standard sizes. L concrete blocks in the color anthracite or red cost about twenty percent more than normal gray products.

That's how much L concrete blocks cost

Unreinforced L concrete blocks with a height of sixty centimeters cost between forty and fifty euros per meter. The unit prices range between 15 and 20 euros. Cornerstones cost around fifty euros apiece with a height of sixty centimeters.

Reinforced L concrete blocks are usually offered by the concrete works as a support bracket. They are divided into different stress classes. A support angle of reinforced concrete with sixty centimeters height costs from forty euros per piece, a matching corner piece from one hundred euros.

How to save

There is a large second hand market on the internet where you will find more or less well-preserved L concrete blocks. Before you buy, make sure the bricks are suitable for your static needs and did not have to withstand excessive preloads. All unreinforced L concrete blocks are designed only for normal ground load up to the upper limit of their height.

Tips & Tricks

Before making your fixing project, check whether L-concrete blocks are the best choice for your requirements. Concrete steles or palisades can be a reasonably priced and suitable alternative.

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