Prices for laying parquet floor

Decisive in the pricing for the work of laying the parquet is the effort. Ship floor parquet with click or tongue and groove technology can be glued or floating laid quickly, while blackboard or mosaic patterns require design sense and precision craftsmanship. Usually the prices for laying increase with the quality of the material.

Prefabricated parquet and prefabricated panels

Prefabricated parquets have entanglement techniques that simplify the assembly and alignment of individual panels. The nesting of tongue and groove is quick and with the click technique results in the precise position and orientation by itself. Parquets of this kind are already laid for less than twenty euros per square meter by professionals.

The so-called industrial or upright lamellar parquet consists of slabs, nets or ribbons on which wooden sticks have already been applied together. The installation is similar to the method used for stone slabs, for example. These prefabricated panels are also quick and easy to lay, with the preparation of the substrate requires more effort than with panels.

Loosely crafted laying associations

The prices for the laying of parquet types, which are put together individually, requires not only an enormous amount of time, but also a high degree of craftsmanship, which can reach as far as artistic work. High-quality panel parquet is designed piece by piece and, in addition to skilled craftsmanship, requires a sense of design and aesthetics. Jewelry parquets of this kind generate pure labor costs that can go into the three-digit range.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

to lay parquet
Untreated materialparkett-windt.de17,50 EUR / sqm
Lay finished parquetparkett-windt.de18,50 EUR / sqm
Sand parquet and sealparkett-windt.de22,50 EUR / sqm
Lay parquet, sand and seal or oilparkett-windt.de39 EUR / sqm
Screw on skirting boardsparkett-windt.de4,30 EUR / running meter

Rule of thumb for work price

The working price usually depends on the quality level of the parquet. As a costing approach, you can base the total cost of your parquet on approximately forty percent material costs, including forty percent labor costs for installation including sealing, and twenty percent additional costs such as baseboard and transitional ledge assembly.

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