Prices for a m² pavement

Most manufacturers of concrete paving list their prices in m². For natural stone suppliers usually tons prices are offered, which must be transferred to the square meter. You have to consider both the size and the shape of the individual paving stones.

Concrete paving with clear prices

Manufacturers and traders offer concrete pavers at prices per square meter. The calculation of compound plasters such as the double-T or H-pavement and the lawn grid is particularly simple. The standardized size of the paving stones defines the exact consumption per m² and thus also the exact prices. The only variable is the effort of the substructure. Concrete pavers range from six euros per square meter of material costs and most variants cost up to twenty euros per square meter. Installation costs including substructure are between 15 and 25 euros per square meter for a normal concrete pavement. The prices for transport, which depend on factors such as access, unloading and availability, can vary considerably.

Natural stone in tonne prices

The usual calculation unit for natural stone are the prices for one ton. As a rule of thumb, you have to expect higher prices per m², the larger the paving stones become. The area measure for natural stone paving cubes is calculated from the size of a page. The cube shape "disappears" weight in the depth. For example, if you buy a ton of paving stones in size 4/6, with side edges of five centimeters plus the tolerance, you can achieve about one ton of about 8.5 square meters of pavement. A ton of the same type of natural stone with paving stone measures 8/10 is sufficient only for about five square meters of pavement and the dimensions 15/17 cover the stone cubes only 2.70 square meters. At the assumed tonne price of three hundred euros, the m² costs about 35 euros for the stone size 4/6, for the 8/10 scale you have to pay sixty euros per m² and at 15/17 it is about 111 euros.

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