Prices for manhole rings in the overview

Concrete manhole rings - for sewers, but also for vertical shafts, for example for well construction, for the construction of drainage shafts or for creating a raised bed in the garden. The differences in price at Schachtringen are mainly due to the dimensions, but also to the quality of the concrete. Read here what you need to know when buying.

Different qualities at different prices

There are two basic designs for concrete manhole rings: manhole rings according to DIN 4034/1 and DIN 4034/2 - depending on whether they are designed with a socket or with a rebate. Different types of concrete are then used for both types, which also has a significant impact on price. There are also so-called floor parts that can form the floor for a vertical shaft, and also cover parts made of concrete, such as for covering an underground cistern.

The larger the manhole rings, the more expensive - both diameter and height play a role. The required dimensions are therefore also decisive in the calculation of the costs - however, in most construction projects they are predetermined by the intended use, and therefore can not be changed. Concrete qualities play a role in the required compressive strength and usually have to be complied with as well.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Concrete manhole rings
SRF 800 x 250 mm with cramponshoba-baustoffe.com38.07 EUR / piece
1000 x 250 mm, with crampons, DIN 4034-1schierer.de37,50 EUR / piece
Concrete manhole rings
Bottom ring SR-FB 2000 x 500 mm, with bottomhoba-baustoffe.com376.04 EUR / piece
Concrete manhole ring with fold and floor, 1500 x 500 mm, DIN 4034-2schierer.de172,30 EUR / piece

What to look for when buying

When you buy concrete manhole rings, you should always pay attention to the weight. Depending on the quality of the concrete and how it is processed, smaller manhole rings can easily weigh several hundred kilos. This not only causes problems during transport, but under certain circumstances also during processing - here, almost always, the use of machinery is necessary.

Tips & Tricks

Instead of the heavy concrete rings, you can also use the much lighter plastic manhole rings for many purposes - they are not only much easier than manhole rings made of concrete, but also much longer completely tight, which is an important criterion especially for drainage wells or wells. Pricing, however, they are significantly higher than concrete manhole rings.

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