The prices for a marble floor

The price of a marble floor has dropped over the last thirty years. This is due to the increasingly mechanical mining and processing methods. However, especially cheap marble from Asia should be treated with caution, since child labor often causes the price advantage here.

Standard dimensions are the cheapest

A marble floor is between fifty and a hundred euros per square meter for most varieties. In this price range, the standard dimensions for tiles are available, which usually have a thickness of one centimeter. Usual square measures are 30.5 and forty centimeters. Rectangular panels for the marble floor measure 30.5 x 60 cm and 40 x 60 cm.

The production of special sizes increases the price per square meter. The larger the single panels for the marble floor, the higher is the percentage markup. For side panels of one meter or more, surcharges can be up to two hundred percent. In this case, it is also important to note the possible increase in transport costs, which can multiply.

Refurbishment and demand

Different refurbishments of the marble floor increase the prices additionally. Depending on the method used, a price premium of five to ten percent is to be calculated. Typical work steps for surface finishing are patinating, drumming, grinding, polishing, satin finishing or high-gloss polishing. The antique refurbishment consists of several combined types of processing and can double the price of the marble floor per square meter.

The quality of the textures plays a rather subordinate role in pricing. The drawing and color depends very much on personal taste and is therefore only indirectly a pricing factor. If special textures cause particularly high demand, prices can rise. This is particularly effective in rare marble deposits, where the favorite textures are limited.

Selected providers

  • offers around twenty common marble flooring types. The other large stock is also in the usual average price segment on offer.
  • is deconstructing marble at four different locations in Europe and, in addition to the variety selection, offers all known processing variants.
  • is an online wholesaler that offers marble flooring, especially in larger quantities at moderate prices.

Tips & Tricks

Distinguish between genuine marble and limestone, which is offered under the trade name of marble. By law, producers and distributors are required to provide honest information.

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