Prices for mineral insulation panels

For the insulation with in the core area of ​​the house today mainly mineral wool insulation boards are used. Depending on the type of material, thickness and thermal conductivity group (WLG), prices are often very different. A brief overview can be found in this article.

Mineral wool - different types

Both rock wool and glass wool are considered mineral wool - but both materials have different properties and also differ very clearly in their price from each other. Rock wool is heavier and more expensive, but also has a higher fire resistance.

Of course, the price for a mineral insulation panel also depends on the thickness and the so-called WLG identification. This heat output group indicates the insulating capacity of the material in question and applies to both rock wool and glass wool.

Special mineral insulation panels are used, for example, for facade insulation and for external roof insulation - but you should not confuse them with mineral foam panels that are produced differently, and also have different properties than mineral wool panels. They are mainly used in the field of full thermal insulation.

reduce costs

When it comes to insulation, there are various ways to reduce costs - on the one hand, of course, it is only necessary to apply as much insulation as actually makes sense. Over-insulation can also damage the building fabric due to constant moisture development.

On the other hand, it makes sense to pay attention to the lowest possible waste, and in some cases a much lower price can often be achieved by purchasing larger quantities.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Clamping felt versus facade panel
WLG 035bausep.de3,87 EUR / m²
ETICS facade insulation board, 18 cm thick, suitable for machine gluingmeinonlinelager.de81.24 EUR / m²
Cavity wall insulation insulation boards
WLG 035 from Ursaeu-baustoffhandel.de3,47 EUR / m²
MW cover skirt 036hoba-baustoffe.com6,40 EUR / m²

Cost of installing the insulation

Since insulation is only one step in an overall project, such as loft conversions, the cost of insulation always has to be considered in the context of total costs. Only in the insulation of the outer facade, where a mineral wool ETICS is used, creates around the insulation significantly higher cost than for the insulating materials themselves.

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