Prices for natural paving stones explained

The most common natural stone paving is made of granite, basalt, porphyry, gneiss and marble. The qualities of the raw materials are different and significantly influence the selling prices. In addition, there are more frequent and rare occurring rocks, which is also reflected in the prices. Another important factor is the effort that must be made in the mining, for example, if the quarry is difficult to access and many technical tools are necessary to win the natural stone.

Also important for the pricing of natural stone paving is the appearance, which makes prices higher when demand increases. The "intrinsic values" of the rocks are crucial, especially in the case of natural stone paving, since hardness and durability must be able to withstand later stress.

Optics are not always an indicator of prices

A special feature of natural stone is the visual appearance, which must look no different with expensive rocks than at cheaper prices. In particular, the granite there is sometimes hardly a noticeable difference, regardless of whether the price per ton of one hundred or two hundred euros. Even with marble, optics is not the decisive price criterion. Since marble is a relatively soft rock, care must be taken when choosing natural stone paving on the selection, as only special layers or blocks bring the necessary minimum hardness. In addition, the optics can be changed by the treatment of the surfaces such as by milling, sticking, tips, polishing or flaming.

The price range of granite is a universal example

A good example of the range of prices for natural stone paving can be found on the Internet at The cheapest tonne prices for granite start at just under one hundred euros and the majority of paving stones cost up to two hundred euros per tonne. The surfaces of products with these prices are fracture gray and split with either machine or handshake. With sawn natural stone pavement with flamed surface, the ton costs between five and seven hundred euros, and with very smooth and precisely sawn granite, the ton can cost over a thousand euros. This range of prices applies to all rocks.

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