Prices for night storage heating have changed

In recent years, much has changed in the energy supply and especially the price composition for electric power. While night storage heaters have long been an interesting alternative, they have now become a sometimes even controversial niche product with high upkeep costs.

Brands and purchase prices

In Germany, there are six major manufacturers of night storage heaters: AEG, Dimplex, Olsberg, Roos, Stiebel Eltron and Vaillant. All manufacturers have a standard product group and very flat devices. There are also night storage heaters specially made for kitchens.

The products of the standard product series start at around seven hundred euros only for the device. Control and temperature measuring units with thermostats have to be extra calculated with at least one hundred euros.

While the standard devices usually have a depth of 25 to 30 centimeters, the flat storage devices come out with about twenty centimeters. They cost at least three hundred euros in addition to the night storage heaters in standard quantities.

In addition to the pure acquisition costs, only the electricity consumption costs have to be considered. Night storage heating eliminates all possible additional costs such as chimney sweeps, tank cleaning or burner inspection.

Control unit and reheating

If night storage heating is operated with different electricity tariffs, the utility must install a special two-tariff three-phase meter. Most electricity suppliers provide the meters at no extra cost and automatically trigger tariff switching via radio technology.

The automatically functioning control units, depending on the manufacturer as a Aufladeautomatik, universal control unit or similar named usually cost about four hundred euros. They control the current flow and charging times, detect the data from the outdoor temperature sensors and can be pre-programmed in the absence.

Accessories must be calculated

Other accessories for the night storage heater are separate thermostats, individual external temperature controllers and lint filters as air filters, which are offered for around fifty euros each.

The additional heating elements can either act as storage for reserve heat or be designed for the connection in case of sudden cold entry. They are then fed directly from the more expensive daily electricity, provided that a second-rate operation is possible at the location.

For night storage heater with all accessories must be expected with a total price of about a thousand euros, kitchen storage and particularly flat devices cost up to operational readiness between one thousand and two thousand euros.

Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to the placement of the ventilation slots and the fan in the night storage heater when purchasing. Depending on the later location, the heating power can be increased by the appropriate heat outlet direction.

Video Board: Night storage heater dissassembly