Prices for old town paving

Concrete paving stones are cast by machine in concrete plants and produced in large quantities. Therefore, old town paving is available in the usual price range for concrete paving stones of around ten to 25 euros per square meter. If you bring a bit of flexibility to the selection, you can even buy special offers, restware or discontinued models for less than ten euros per square meter. In addition to the pure material costs, you naturally have to consider the manual work. The prices for this can vary greatly, as the requirements and local conditions are very different and also the level of decorative elements plays a role.

Many manufacturers only make offers on demand

The majority of the cobblestone manufacturers regularly offer special offers in the lower price range. The company offers a bimonthly special offer list for download. Here you can find eco-pavement with particularly good water infiltration properties for 8.98 euros per square meter or rectangular old cobblestones in different colors for ten euro cents apiece. You must, however, pay attention to whether the VAT is included in the price or even added. Another company with concrete price information on its website is, which specializes in Rhenish old town paving. Eight centimeters thick square and rectangular paving stones in four different sizes are reported with square meter prices between 8.32 and 9.78 euros. In addition, the number of paving stones in number per square meter and the package sizes are given. If you land on the website of a provider that does not quote prices, you can use these criteria to formulate a precise request for an individual offer.

Also think about the extra cost of the accessories

In order to lay an old town pavement, the prices for the accessories must also be considered. You need the so-called rest and bedding material, grout and compactors, possibly an additional paving stone seal, edge borders, possibly matching steps, manhole covers and plant troughs or paving stones. Ideally, make a map of the area that will receive the old town cobblestones and compile a list of needs that will allow you to obtain complete and comprehensive quotations.

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