The prices for palisades depend on the material

Palisades as a slope attachment or path and stair limitation are offered in wood, natural stone and concrete. Concrete palisades are very durable and have moderate prices and the similarly priced wood has only a limited lifespan. Natural stone costs the most and lasts the longest.

Price-performance in concrete

Round and rectangular palisades are cast from concrete and crushed or sawed from natural stone. Wooden palisades are almost exclusively used in a round shape. The price-performance ratio is the most advantageous in terms of prices for concrete palisades. The relatively low material price still delivers long-lasting components. Modern processing techniques and surface designs provide amazingly natural-looking natural stone or wood imitations.

Price-performance in wood

Wooden palisades have a lifespan of a few years. In most cases roundwoods are used, which are sawn from native conifers. Weather and soil moisture limit the lifetime and when calculating the cost of the later necessary renewal must be considered. Wood palisades are cheaper to buy than concrete and natural stone, if it is not an expensive precious wood.

Value for money with natural stone

The most durable palisades are made of natural stone and are often among the most unforgettable components of a garden or land. The extra hard granite is the preferred rock. Depending on quality, origin, appearance and processing, the cheapest granite palisades start at prices that are required for the most expensive concrete palisades.

palisades families

Since most building and fastening projects use stockade to compensate for different heights, such as stairs or embankments, different lengths of the same type are required. The manufacturers and dealers offer stockades of all three materials in standard lengths and side dimensions or diameters.

  • Lengths 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 centimeters
  • Side lengths for square models between 10 and 20 centimeters
  • Diameter for round models 12 to 20 centimeters

Palisades materials

  • softwood
  • concrete
  • granite
  • basalt
  • slate
  • sandstone
  • travertine

That's how much palisades cost

Round wood palisades with a length of one meter cost from three euros per piece. Simple gray concrete palisades are available for the same price. Expensive trees and intricately worked concrete palisades can cost up to 15 euros each. The prices for natural stone palisades vary within a wider range. While the simpler granites, basalts, and travertines start at around twenty euros per meter, the majority cost between forty and eighty euros.

How to save

Use concrete for the functional aspects such as the attachment and support character of your palisades and natural stone for the visual enhancement.

Tips & Tricks

Palisades can be found in stores and sometimes also in the product categories steles, posts, roundwoods, columns or blocks.

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