The prices for patio doors in the overview

Is the old patio door ailing or completely warped, the insulation outdated or the glass gone blind? Depending on the model, a new patio door does not have to cost much - and those who resort to the same standard as before reduce both the amount of manual work and the amount of dirt accumulated. Replacing a small patio door with a large sliding lift door is a lot more expensive: our cost overview.

Patio Doors: What is the cost of the simple models?

The cheapest door model is a white plastic door with a standard width of 53 cm and a height of 180 cm, which is about 240 EUR. If the same door is to be 100 x 240 cm, it costs only about 30 EUR more.

Wood and aluminum doors tend to be more expensive, for example, a patio door made of pine measuring 76 x 100 cm is around 400 EUR. All these examples are very simple, single-leaf doors without any special insulation or safety features.

However, the costs can be much higher. Overall, the price depends on the following factors, which in turn are based on your personal requirements.

  • the dimensions of the patio door
  • the material: plastic, wood, aluminum or aluminum-wood combination
  • possible functions: fold, tilt, push
  • Thermal insulation of the window glass
  • Burglary protection through possible additional safety precautions
  • Design and brand of the respective patio door
  • different frame profiles, for example in the exclusive flush design

What do large-format and high-quality patio doors cost?

Large-format patio doors with sliding and tilt function are among the more expensive models. Here are some price examples for your orientation:

  • Parallel sliding tilting door with 2-fold heat protection glass, white plastic, 220 x 250 cm: about 680 EUR
  • Sliding glass door for panoramic view, 400 x 210 cm with 3 movable wings, plastic frame: 1.300 EUR

Wooden patio doors cost a little more, with pine and spruce being particularly favorable. For larch and meranti you have to expect about 5% extra costs compared to pine, for oak even with 25% markup.

You have the choice between one-piece and multi-part doors, with or without skylight. The more parts the door has, the higher the price. Special colors also cost more.

Price example for a patio door including installation

A homeowner can install a plastic sliding-door as access to the terrace, choosing a two-winged model. These costs are on offer:

Cost overviewprice
1st patio door price720 EUR
2. Delivery costs40 EUR
3. Installation450 EUR
total1210 EUR

Do you install the patio door yourself?

In order to lower the total price, it pays to think about the installation by hand. This is more difficult with large-format doors than with smaller models, modern assembly foams make work easier in any case.

Tips & Tricks

A patio door can also be subsequently secured against burglary, so you can always feel safe in your living room. Read here how it works


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