Prices for the roller shutter box

Not only builders are interested in the new building for shutter prices. Many existing and old buildings are still equipped with old, not well heat and sound insulated shutter boxes. Renewing makes sense in many ways. But the question of the costs is justified. Below, we provide clues to the prices for modern roller shutter boxes.

Prices according to technical construction

For existing roller shutters, you must first differentiate between differently mounted roller shutter boxes:

  • intent box
  • top box

Differences attachment and attachment roller shutter boxes

The header box is mounted on the facade outside or between the soffit in the window opening above the window. Renewing the shutter box is relatively easy. Not so with essay shutters. As a rule, the wall has to be opened here. It is therefore advisable to only renew roller blinds if the windows are also replaced in order to save at least part of the installation costs.

The cost of a roller shutter box also depends on other factors:

  • Material (plastic, metal, brick)
  • Hardware store or specialist shop
  • Effort of thermal insulation
  • Effort of sound insulation
  • additional equipment (electric drive, etc.)

Necessary sound and heat insulation

Of course, high-quality roller shutter boxes can not be offered at the cheapest. But you do not necessarily need the most expensive shutter box. You first have to stake out your individual requirements. The insulation is probably important in every case, but also the sound insulation?

DIY goods versus shutter boxes from specialist retailers (Internet, specialist shop)

The most important difference between hardware store and products from the specialized trade: roller shutter boxes from the specialized trade convince by a good spare parts supply even after many years. For DIY products, on the other hand, there is often nothing to find in the following year.

Requirements according to construction (old and existing buildings, energetic new construction)

For old and existing buildings, the installation requirements are not quite as high as for an energy house (low, passive, zero energy house, etc.). With these modern methods of construction, the roller shutter box must be installed completely gas-tight and therefore airtight.

Tips & Tricks

It is not easy to always choose the right roller shutter box. Do you want to renew the boxes in the sale of an energetic refurbishment, but you can also get an energy consultant. Correspondingly certified consultants are to be preferred, since the state reimburses up to 50 per cent of the consulting costs with an energy consultation. In addition, there are also subsidies available for energy renovation, so you can save costs here as well.

Video Board: Hafele Aluminum Roller Shutters-Box Milano