The prices for sand are calculated by weight or volume

The range of sorts of sand is very large and accordingly the prices range from a few euros per ton up to three-digit amounts. Generally, in volume excellent prices, usually cubic meters, are higher than the units calculated by weight.

Processing types of sand

Simple unspecified "random" sand is offered as the best filling material for soils without special use and without traffic loads. If sand is used as a building material, it must meet standards and be compulsorily categorized and certified.

The treatment has a decisive influence on the prices of sand. As with materials of all kinds, the processing costs are reflected in the prices. Typical manufacturing steps for sand are:

  • Easy washing
  • Multiple washing
  • Simple sieving
  • Multiple sieving
  • Crushing (crushing sand)
  • Mix grain sizes

Sand names are not standardized

Generally there is artificial and natural sand. For example, while artificial sand is produced from construction debris or blast furnace slag, natural sand is a degradation product of sand and gravel or crushed natural rock.

The names for sand genera do not always follow the same pattern and are not uniform. Most manufacturers name their sand according to the type of use. So a crushing sand can be offered as well as joint sand or as bedding sand. Backfill sand may be the same as Rheinsand or Pflastersand.

Examples of prices of different sands

1 ton of filling gravel
about 5 EUR
1 ton of sieved gravel sand (grain size 0-4 mm)
about 7 EUR
1 ton of standard washed sand (grain size 0-2 mm)
about 12 EUR
1 ton of unclassified screed sand (grain size 0-8 mm)
about 15 EUR
1 ton of unclassified game sand
about 16 EUR
1 ton of riding sand (grain size 0-2 mm)
about 10 EUR
1 ton of unwashed plaster and masonry sand (grain size 0-4 mm)
about 17 EUR
1 ton of basalt crushed sand (grain size 0-2 mm)
about 35 EUR
1 ton Dolomite crushed sand (grain size 0-5 mm)
about 56 EUR
1 ton of bright joint sand (grain size 0-1 mm)
about 45 EUR
1 ton of recycling sand (grain size 0-8 mm)
about 5 EUR

Tips & Tricks

Almost all the sands are in the price range of five to a hundred euros per tonne. As an average, you should expect a material price of around € 30 per tonne for normal construction projects on your property.

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