Prices for sand-lime bricks in the overview

Sand-lime brick is a relatively cheap building material, which also has many advantages in material technology, such as a particularly high load capacity. In which area about the prices of different limestone are, you can read in this article.

Sand-lime brick - the interior building material

Sand-lime brick consumes significantly less energy than conventional bricks, and therefore ends up cheaper in price. Especially with larger projects, this price difference can be quite considerable compared to other building materials.

However, sand-lime brick has another advantage: sand-lime bricks can be processed particularly quickly and easily - especially when executed as facing stones - and this also has an influence on the costs of some projects.

Only for the outer wall area lime sandstone should not be used better due to its poor thermal insulation properties. The effort, which then has to be operated for a more extensive insulation, is often higher than the savings through the use of sand-lime brick.

The price of the sand-lime brick - as with all bricks - of course, the format, and the execution. There are norms for the different sizes, and planers are often a bit more expensive here than the usual sand-lime bricks. This also applies to special stones, such as U-shells or falls.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Limestone sandstone
240 x 175 x 113 mm KS 3 DFcirkel.de631.44 EUR / 1,000 pieces
240 x 115 x 113 mm KS 2 DFcirkel.de531.41 EUR / 1,000 pieces
KS blocks and blocks
Block 248 x 115 x 238 mm KS-R 4 DFcirkel.de15,84 EUR / m²
Planar 248 x 115 x 248 mm KS-R (P) 4 DFcirkel.de16,74 EUR / m²

What to look for when buying

Many traders calculate their prices for the pallet purchase - the price, even if it is given for a single stone, is therefore only valid if a whole pallet is accepted. Smaller quantities can often become more expensive.

However, you can always manage the amount of stones - for the standard formats, there are always indications how many stones of a certain standard size are on a pallet - you only need to make sure that your stone quantity is a multiple of this amount of pallets. Rest stones can often be needed elsewhere.

Tips & Tricks

When building with sand-lime brick, consider making sure you can not use facing stones - they can be walled much faster, easier and with thin-bed mortar, which in turn often reduces costs significantly.

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