The prices for sandstone slabs in the area measure

Most consumers can start with prices for sandstone slabs in area measure more than with prices in weight indications. While floor slabs in the thickness range between two and eight centimeters, façade panels in almost all versions are three or four centimeters thick. Accordingly, prices vary more and less.

Rock type and processing

The prices for sandstone slabs are mainly composed of the pure material price for sandstone and the type of processing. The price for simply split material with brittle surfaces corresponds to the pure material price. Sawed plates cost ten to twenty percent surcharge on the material price. Machined surfaces increase the price between twenty and fifty percent, depending on the effort involved.

The base price for the rock depends on the type of sandstone. Attractive textures increase the price due to increasing demand. Hard varieties of soft rock such as quartz sandstone is on average more expensive than sandstone with other binders. Frost resistance is another price-increasing factor.

Floor and facade panels

The prices per square meter for natural split sandstone slabs with sawn underside and straight edge circulation start at around 35 euros. In the similar price range sawed on both sides sawed plates with two to three centimeters strength. Per centimeter of increasing strength about ten to 15 percent price increase must be calculated.

Machined surfaces by grinding, bosses, scratching or other techniques generate square meter prices starting at sixty euros. Sandstone facade slabs are often offered at unit prices. With unit prices between six and twelve euros square meter prices result between 24 and 48 euros. Façade panels are always machined and must also have a minimum quality in order to be able to be installed.

High quality and Silesia

The highest quality sandstone types are quartz sandstones with low porosity, which are reminiscent of hard rock with polished surfaces in appearance and textures. Sandstone slabs of this type cost about one hundred euros per square meter.

Very high quality sandstone deposits can be found in Silesian mining areas. The majority is mined on the Polish side. Prices for sandstone from Poland are lower than those from other regions, as labor costs are lower.

Tips & Tricks

In Germany you will find relatively many offers for sandstone slabs from India. They are up to fifty percent below the price for panels from other regions. In the majority of cases, child labor is the reason.

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