Prices for solid concrete bricks

Concrete bricks are an inexpensive alternative to natural stone bricks. Numerous preparation and processing methods result in attractive looks that are often indistinguishable from natural stones, but cost only a fraction. Simple solid stones made of concrete for later cladding with plaster, paint, wood or facade panels are among the cheapest building materials ever.

Hollow block and solid brick

Typical concrete bricks with a purely functional function are, for example, hollow blocks, which form the walls in building construction. They serve both outside and inside as a substructure, which is plastered. These functional concrete blocks, also known as concrete bricks, are available for prices from forty euro cents apiece.

The prices for concrete bricks, which serve as fair-faced concrete elements, vary depending on the processing and finishing costs. The surfaces of the solid stones are processed using the same techniques as natural stones and can represent deceptively real imitations by means of coloring.

Natural stone arrangements

Bricks with smooth and small-pored surfaces reminiscent of bricks are offered for retail prices from fifty euro cents. They can be designed both as conventional bricks with production tolerances of up to two millimeters as well as plan stones for thin mortar.

For designed surfaces, all methods known from natural stone processing are used. Scraping, embossing, sharpening, sticking, polishing, firing and sandblasting are classic examples that give concrete bricks their natural character. Especially types of sand and limestone can be authentically modeled with the corresponding concrete treatment.

Material price and system stones

The pure material price for concrete is almost negligible and accounts for only a fraction of the final price for concrete bricks. The designed bricks cost between one and five euros each. The cost of a concrete wall is about one-fifth compared to a natural stone wall.

A special feature among the concrete bricks are the so-called Lego stone systems. On the surface eight to ten pyramidal projections are arranged in parallel, which are inserted into the corresponding notches on the undersides. These system stones are offered from twenty euros per piece.

Tips & Tricks

The used market for concrete bricks is large. If, for example, you plan a drywall in the garden, the "used effect" can provide the desired look right away.

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