The prices for spiral staircases under the magnifying glass

The spiral staircase is a very popular type of staircase that can be installed to save space. The curved shape ensures a pleasant look. The prices for simple kits are not particularly high, but a spiral staircase can cost depending on the claim of the buyer also a few thousand euros.

What is the orientation of the costs for spiral staircases?

An important factor in the pricing of spiral staircases is the material that makes up the components. Veneered steps made of wood-based material, embedded in a simple metal frame with metal railings, cost only a few hundred euros.

Expensive, if you want a solid wood staircase, but particularly high costs are incurred for spiral staircases made of precious woods and stainless steel. Who buys a stair kit, in turn, will pay much less money than for a custom-made by the carpenter spiral staircase.

These prices are usual for spiral staircases

  • from about 350 EUR there are the simplest kits to buy
  • Starting at approx. 1,000 EUR, the middle price segment begins
  • Medium-sized kits cost up to approximately 3,000 EUR
  • at about 10,000 EUR is the price for a high-quality stainless steel staircase
  • from about 5,000 EUR you get a simple but individual carpenter stairs

New spiral staircase: a price example

A homeowner is looking for a new spiral staircase on the Internet and will find the step discounter. She ordered a kit for a beech multiplex with PVC railing and powder-coated metal construction.

Cost overviewprice
1st spiral staircase800 EUR
2nd delivery40 EUR
total840 EUR

Assemble the kit yourself - save money

If you order a kit for a spiral staircase, you will usually receive an illustrated installation manual. With craftsmanship and at least one helper works the structure so completely free.

It is important, however, that the structural preparations were made by a professional who prepared the ceiling hole and calculated the statics.

Tips & Tricks

Anyone who buys a mutually walkable spiral staircase, has discovered a real space saver for himself, which is usually very cheap. However, the comfort is not as high as in full-surface walkable steps.

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