The prices for stairs: an overview

The prices for stairs vary depending on the material, construction and size, in addition there are extra costs for custom-made products. Pre-made standard models, however, can be very reasonably priced. We provide an overview of the current prices for stairs and thus provide you with guideline values ​​for your own construction project. This facilitates the planning.

Which stair structures are cheap - which not?

Some types are particularly inexpensive, while others are relatively expensive. That's because certain designs are more complex to build than others. The simple, straight running staircase staircase costs very little.

Spiral and spiral staircases are a bit more expensive, because the design effort is greater. Various system stairs are usually found in the lower and middle price range. Many staircase stairs, the steps are saddled on spars, there are the middle price to buy.

Folding and supporting bolt stairs are characterized by the fact that they look like «floating» and therefore become a particularly interesting eye-catcher in the room. However, they also incur higher costs due to their complex design, they are usually in the higher price segment.

Stairs made of different materials and their prices

The prices for wooden stairs

Most staircases in the interior are still made of wood, although stone staircases are also popular. Each type of staircase can be made from the material wood, also the combination with other materials is possible. Some wood species are cheaper than others.

  • Pine wood, a fast-growing softwood, is one of the least expensive types of wood. A simply constructed staircase with 13 to 15 steps is available as a basic model in the modular system for about 300 euros. The stairs from the carpenter cost from about 2,000 euros.
  • Spruce wood is used less often, but it is priced approximately in the same area as pine wood. The softwoods ensure high stability - and the costs are limited. However, most homeowners prefer the more visually appealing hardwood species.
  • Beech wood stairs usually have a higher quality than pine wood stairs. The beech is very hard wood with good insulating properties, the prices for simple construction staircases start at about 600 euros, from about 3,000 euros makes the carpenter to work.
  • Ash wood is considered to be particularly flexible and looks good too. In addition, the surfaces do not wear off so quickly. In terms of price, ash stairs are roughly in the same range as beechwood staircases.
  • Maple as a bright hardwood species with high resistance to abrasion is also suitable for staircase construction. From around 3,500 to 4,000 euros, you will receive a one-story staircase from the carpenter.
  • Oak wood is rightly attributed a special resistance. If you want to treat yourself to the luxury of a staircase made of rustic oak, you pay at least about 4,000 to 5,000 euros, depending on the model.
  • More noble deciduous woods, such as cherry wood, set a special visual accent, but cost more. From at least 4,500 euros, you can call a Kirschbaumstreppe your own.

The prices for stone stairs

Marble, granite or artificial stone: stone stairs are very hard-wearing, last a long time and have a pleasant rustic effect. A simple bolt staircase with stone surfaces as a finished product costs no less than 3,000 euros, but usually a lot more.

Stone stairs are often stairs made of a concrete substructure covered with stone slabs. Price determining are above all the type of covering and its thickness. Artificial stone is generally cheaper, granite is one of the expensive variants.

The prices for concrete stairs

Concrete stairs offer a good alternative to the material stone, they can be particularly well adapted to the existing room situation and can be clad according to taste. A coiled concrete precast staircase is about to have 1,800 euros.

Individually planned and locally cast concrete stairs cost of course more, the prices start depending on the effort at about 4,000 euros. The cost can reach 15,000, if the construction is particularly difficult.

The prices for metal stairs

In living rooms metal stairs are preferably clad with other materials, so that no too cool impression. Metal structures can carry wooden or stone steps, for example.

A pure metal staircase costs from about 2,000 euros, pads made of wood or stone increase the price. Stainless steel is significantly more expensive, stairs made of this material are at least 5,000 to 10,000 euros.

Price example for a stone staircase

A hostess lets herself cast an individually planned concrete staircase and cover it with granite slabs. The exclusive staircase is crafted by hand.

Cost overviewprice
Plan and pour concrete stairs5,250 EUR
granite slabs4,000 EUR
Cut and lay granite1,100 EUR
total10,350 EUR

Make stairs in natural stone look cheaper

Laminate in natural stone look is much cheaper than real stone, it also provides more foot warmth and is considered very easy to clean. If you like the look of natural stone, but do not put in the necessary change, laminate is very well advised.

Tips & Tricks

When calculating the price of your staircase, pay close attention to which items are included in your stair manufacturer's offer - and which are not. Is a railing included? Is the painting of the wooden staircase included?

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