The prices for stair tiles correspond to floor tiles

When moving the price per square meter, the prices of ceramic tiles laid on stairs can be compared with those of regular floor tiles. Specially incorporated grooves or final bulges and the usually above-average high waste increase the prices.

slip resistance

In most cases porcelain stoneware is chosen as the tile type for stairs. Basically, ordinary floor tiles with end edges are usable. However, special stair tiles have incorporated anti-slip.

For the treads tiles are made with grooves milled on one side in the edge edge area, which provide a slip resistance on the occurrence and derive moisture. As the second common type for slip resistance, the tiles for the treads are provided with a bead.

As is often the case with tiles with textured surfaces, the bead can bulge forward over the edge of the tread or upright. Overhanging installation without a bead is also common when laying tiles on stairs.

price factors

Tiles of all kinds can be used for the risers, the vertical intermediate levels, as no special load or no slip resistance is required. Often cheap thinner wall tiles are combined with the special and more expensive stair tiles.

  • For outdoor stairs, the frost resistance of the tile and substructure must be taken into account.
  • Depending on the degree of utilization, the abrasion class of the tiles on stairs must be selected. Escape stairs are almost never used, while entrance stairs are exposed to constant stress.

Examples of prices

The prices for tiles on stairs are made up of the tiles for the steps, for the risers and, depending on the type of staircase, additional cladding or finishing strips attached to the side or at the front edges.

  • At, the tiles are offered with a Florentiner stage, a final bead, from about thirty euros for six pieces, which corresponds to about two running meters.
  • offers matching set of stages from just under forty euros per piece.
  • The specialist offers the complete installation of stairs including all tiles for a flat rate of sixty euros per meter.
  • On there is an illustrated overview of tiles for stairs made of ceramic and natural stone. Also a permanent special sale is offered.

Tips & Tricks

For straight staircases, use an average of one-third waste and for spiral staircases at least two-thirds.

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