The prices for granite stairs depend on the type of construction

Granite indoor stairs are usually constructed with granite slabs. In the garden and the grounds are massive granite stairs as an alternative. For internal stairs, the design of the staircase is decisive, in addition to the thickness of the granite slabs.

Big difference between inside and outside

If interior stairs consist of a concrete substructure, they can be completely covered with granite or only the treads can be put on. For a full cladding at least twice the cost of materials must be assumed. Alternatively, combinations of two or more granite varieties are possible to influence the overall price. For example, the prices for the steps can be kept cheaper than for the cladding. Even less visible understeers and interior skirts can be combined with cheaper granite types.

Significantly cheaper can be a granite staircase in the outdoor area. If rough-walled granite block steps are used, a staircase costs only a fraction of an interior staircase with polished steps and cladding. If polished granite is also to be used outdoors, the prices are higher than inside. The granite must be frost resistant and can tolerate de-icing salt. A high density with low water absorption and additional sealing or impregnation must be given.

That's how much a granite staircase costs

Most staircase builders offer granite stairs at graduated prices. Kick and stepping are offered including measurement and assembly between one hundred and 200 euros. A block level in the outdoor area costs from fifty euros.

How to save

Have the substructure installed by the staircase builder, where you buy the granite staircase. Often, the company then offers cheaper finished stairs prices.

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to buy real granite if you value genuine natural stone. There are hard rocks and artificial stone, which are offered as granite. If in doubt, ask a specialist.

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