The prices for stone palisades made of concrete or natural stone

If you want to block stone palisades in your garden, you can choose between genuine natural stone such as granite or cast concrete products. Concrete is much cheaper than natural stone and, when treated accordingly, can closely resemble natural stone look.

Optics of concrete palisades

For as little as three euros, concrete stone palisades are available in one-meter increments. By different processing methods, very natural-looking surface structures and colorations can be produced. At the low prices for concrete palisades, optics can emerge that are no longer recognizable as concrete.

  • Bossed concrete: regular surface reliefs and gradients
  • Pointed concrete: rough "moonscape" with slight differences in depth
  • Scratched concrete: parallel running narrow strips at shallow depths
  • Stacked concrete: slightly and evenly roughened surface
  • Structural cast concrete: negative image of a formwork
  • Sandblasted and acidified concrete: smooth to slightly rough surface
  • Ground and polished concrete: smooth shiny surface
  • Flamed concrete: "antique" appearance depending on the flame intensity

Natural stone palisades

The prices for stone palisades of natural stone depend on the variety and the quality of the natural stone. Granite and porphyry move in a large price range in the medium to high price range, sand and limestone and basalt are cheaper, but more expensive than concrete products. Also stone palisades can be processed in very different ways and in the gap-gray state they resemble embossed, pointed or flamed concrete surfaces.

That's how much stone palisades cost

Stone palisades made of concrete move in the price range between three and 15 euros. Basalt, sand and limestone are priced between five and ten euros, and in individual cases can cost up to twenty euros each. Granite and porphyry start at prices of twelve euros and cost up to forty euros. All prices refer to a stockade with a length of one meter.

How to save

Stone palisades are also offered under other terms. Also look for offers in the categories Steles, Columns, Poles or Posts. This extends the price selection considerably.

Tips & Tricks

Stone palisades can also be installed horizontally and form attractive walls or fences. Long-displaced individual palisades are suitable, for example, as ground-level path or bed boundaries.

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