Prices for a wooden balcony

Fixing prices for a wooden balcony is not that easy. The data that we refer to in the following article may differ greatly, especially from a regional perspective. But the final choice of the type of wood construction and the wood itself also significantly affect the cost of a wooden balcony.

The wooden balcony prices can vary greatly

The prices for a wooden balcony can not be very well lumped. Therefore, data that you obtain from your balcony builder in your area may differ significantly. However, the prices that we call here serve as a first orientation. So you first have to distinguish at the construction of the wooden balcony price:

  • Built-on balconies
  • intent balconies

Balcony costs according to construction and material

Thus, the cultivation balcony, for example, purely considered by the material costs significantly cheaper than the intent balcony. But that's not how easy this bill will be for you. The extension balcony must be connected to the facade on the wall side. This eliminates the posts on this side, which have a positive effect on the costs.

The requirements of the facade: with a ETICS the costs increase

But you have to anchor the balcony in the facade. Due to the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV, however, many existing and old buildings are equipped with a thermal insulation composite system. Every breakthrough by the ETICS also means a weak spot, which can be remedied by appropriate technology. Thus, the cost of attaching a cultivation balcony is significantly higher than that of a Vorsatzbalkons.

Different materials and woods influence the prices

Another distinguishing feature is given by the choice of material. You can use less expensive laminated wood or other industrially produced wood-based materials, but also use high-quality solid wood. You also have to distinguish the types of wood. The trend is definitely towards exotic woods like eucalyptus.

Here are the prices for a wooden balcony about going

Such wood is of course more expensive due to the transport routes. Then theoretically you could also differentiate between cheap domestic woods such as spruce or high-priced woods such as oak. The prices for a wooden balcony with glued wood start at a width of about 2.50 m and a depth of 1.5 m for a cultivation balcony at about 2,500 to 3,000 euros. The longer the balcony gets, the cheaper it gets. With a balcony length of around 4.50 m, the wooden balcony prices start at around 4,000 euros.

To the balcony price come numerous other cost factors

But with the pure prices for the material for your wooden balcony, it is not yet done. Also, if you want to build your wooden balcony yourself. There are other compelling costs in addition to the material prices:

  • Architect or structural engineer for calculations and building permit plans
  • Cost of building permit or construction advertisement
  • craft costs
  • material costs

Prices are determined by the state building regulations

Precisely in terms of the requirements for the building permit, no concrete statements can be made. Depending on the state, there may be significant differences in the building permit procedure. Then the costs of the architect or structural engineer must also be based on this. Their prices can be found in the fee regulation for architects and engineers, HOAI for short.

Tips & Tricks

You can get a more concrete price idea by comparing various balcony providers on the Internet. These either offer an extensive price list that takes into account all the details, or there is a configurator available, with the help of which you can also quickly narrow down the prices for a wooden balcony.

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