The prices of marble vary depending on the variety

Unlike other products, the price of marble is not just about the quality and frequency of occurrence. Other building blocks are the effort that is required for the availability of the deposits and the length and type of transport routes.

Mining areas and genuine marble

The classic mining areas for marble are in Italy, Greece, Portugal, Canada, the USA and Turkey. However, smaller or not yet widely developed occurrences are present in many other countries. Marble from South America such as Brazil or Uruguay, and even more from Asia such as India or China, is being mined under inhuman working conditions. Special price offers for marble from these regions should be avoided.

Marble can be divided into real and imitation marble. Real Marble is a carbonate rock that consists of three specified minerals. It is created in the earth's interior by heat and pressure. The imitation marble is limestone, which has been refurbished to have a look similar to that of real marble. A typical and popular example is Jurassic marble, a polished limestone.

Price ranges and price fluctuations

Real marble starts at around fifty euros per square meter and the majority of marbles cost up to 130 euros. It should be noted that larger plates are usually offered more expensive than smaller dimensions of the same rock. Contrary to prevailing opinion, the popular Carrara marble from northern Italy is not one of the most expensive varieties. However, here too the pricing is very dependent on the accessibility of the current place of mining.

The same marble from the same deposit and with identical processing can have price fluctuations of up to thirty percent. This depends on the current block quality, the type of extraction and the demand. The natural stone marble can show enormous differences in the same mountain or the same posing.

Top products and transport costs

Top marbles on the market cost several hundred euros per square meter and are usually only available in limited quantities. Who buys a marble from this price range, should definitely plan some spare plates for later repairs.

Many suppliers of marble quote minimum order quantities. This is just as important as the sometimes high transport costs, which are added to the material costs. Often, by waiting until several orders have come together from one region, a lot of money can be saved.

Selected providers

  • offers a comprehensive list of companies around the natural stone. From quarries to tile manufacturers to internationally active specialist dealers, marble sources of all types and price categories can be found.
  • is an online dealer for marble and granite. Clear price lists help with cost calculation and a rough estimate.
  • is a marble tile dealer with standard polished, calibrated and bevelled surfaces. Finished window sills for between one hundred and 150 euros each complete the offer.

Tips & Tricks

Get a piece of the selected marble and have it checked by a stonemason. He can independently estimate the price.

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