Prices for parquet in the overview

The prices of parquet are mainly divided into two groups. In the case of more expensive solid wood, the type of wood is decisive, while in the case of multi-layer parquet, the thickness of the upper wear layer gives the largest price difference. Add to this the effort of laying, ranging from lengthy manual work to the rapid insertion of click panels.

Laying and gluing

In a parquet with panels such as the ship's floor pattern laying in both an adhesive bed and floating is inexpensive and inexpensive. The mostly offered as ready-made parquet plates differ in material price by the type of wood, which comes mainly to solid wood to bear.

Parquet patterns such as chalkboard or chopsticks parquet must always be glued, and the more geometrical representations are to arise, the higher the prices for the parquet climb. An exception is the upright lamellar parquet, also known as industrial parquet, is that is typically available on support plates and despite solid wood and small parts is often offered inexpensively.

Wood species and sealing

Indigenous wood species are cheaper than tropical wood, with expensive European wood species such as cherry or sweet chestnut close to the price of the cheaper varieties of tropical woods. Depending on the visual appearance of the parquet, sorting and, if necessary, rejects must be calculated, because, for example, not all grains and colors match together in the case of parquet.

The type of sealing and processing of the parquet determines the prices. If the parquet is to be painted, a primer and at least two layers of varnish is necessary. The previous sanding or at least grinding is complex and often increases the price per square meter significantly. If the parquet is waxed or oiled, the sealing materials are cheaper.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Solid wood parquet
Prefabricated parquet oiled oakparkett-broker.de49.90 EUR / sqm
Industrial parquet walnut walnutparkett-broker.de39,90 EUR / sqm
Hardwood floor
Click parquet ship's floor Mapleholzprofi24.de18,99 EUR / sqm
Prefabricated parquet ship's floor ash white-violethornbach.de29.95 EUR / sqm

Price margins at a glance

The total price of your parquet consists of the material and the effort for the installation. For the cheapest ship floor pre-finished parquet in multi-layer versions, you have to calculate from thirty euros per square meter for both. As a benchmark for parquets with a wear layer from eight millimeters between fifty and eighty euros are realistic, in solid wood prices start from around sixty euros, but can quickly rise to over one hundred euros through high-quality and elaborate laying patterns.

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