The prices for roofing slate depend on the cover

Roof slate has the reputation of being a particularly expensive covering material. This applies to the so-called wild cover, however, the old German coverage is already much cheaper. The cheapest are the rectangle and the arch coverage.

Shingle form and old German cover

More than any other roof covering, the price per square meter for roofing slates depends on the way in which the individual shingles are formed and the overlapping areas created by the corresponding arrangement.

With the old German covering the shingles from the lower roof part at the eaves upwards to the roof ridge will become smaller and smaller. In addition to the visually attractive effect, only slight overlaps of the shingles, which had previously been beaten evenly, occur here.

The prices for roofing slate depend on the cover: roofing

Bow, rectangle and wild cover

Even with the arched and rectangular cover, the shingles of the roof slate are already finished and laid in a uniform pattern over the entire roof area. These cover types are the least expensive, because the roof slate from relatively thin shingles with low overlaps is mounted.

In the so-called wild cover, the highest-quality roof slate is used, which is hand-hewn individually and piece by piece during the covering process. In addition to the high material price, enormous labor costs are added, as the individual hiding of the roof slate shingles is very time-consuming.

Manufacturer and price ranges

  • offers various roof slates in sorting for the corresponding cover types in prices per kilogram.
  • is a slate producer, which mainly produces roofing slate from the Mosel region for the old German covering.
  • is the website of Stiesberg Dachtechnik, which offers nationwide projects with roofing slate roofing.

The price range for roofing slate is between fifty and two hundred euros per square meter. The bows and rectangles cost between fifty and seventy euros, the old German cover around eighty euros and the wild cover from 150 euros per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

Note that there must be a minimum roof pitch of 25 degrees for using roofing slate.

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