The prices of wooden stairs are moving in a wide range

The prices for wooden stairs are offered by manufacturers and dealers as complete prices without delivery and installation or calculated as a single price per level or inclination plus a basic amount. The cheapest are standard productions, which were already considered in the blueprint of a house.

Checklist for pricing compositions

As a general price range in which storey-high wooden stairs move, 2000 to 12,000 euros are to be calculated exclusively for all other costs such as delivery and installation. Decisive are the type of wood and the construction form. Straight running stairs cost less than partially or half-spiral stair types.

There are several types of construction, which require more or less material and are technically produce with more or less effort. Typical features that affect the purchase price of the wooden staircase are:

  • Which substructure is available? Is it about one or two stair rails?
  • Is the wooden staircase supported by a central spar?
  • Is it a staircase without cheeks?
  • Does the design of a bolt staircase, in which the treads are mounted unsupported?
  • Are stringers made of wood or another material such as metal available?
  • Are there coiled staircase parts that need to be undercut?

Only load-bearing parts made of solid wood

The prices of wooden stairs in wood staircase also arise from the type of wood used, which can range from inexpensive native pine to expensive tropical mahogany. Often only the treads are made of solid wood and as risers, for spars and / or the cheek construction cheaper solutions are integrated.

Depending on the supporting function of stair stringers they can be made of laminated veneer lumber of the same wood or be produced in the case of cladding from a low-cost timber. The same applies to staircases. The possible types of stairs made of wood can get sufficient stability through additional components made of metal or simpler types of wood.

Price ranges and gradients

Wooden stairs with cheeks from native woody plants such as beech are available from about 2000 euros, spindle and spiral staircases of the same height are offered from 3000 euros. Usually, a projectile with 14 to 15 gradients, ie 13 to 14 stages is bridged. For prices per grade, the individual gradients start from 150 euros.

In particular, the prices for interior stairs are very dependent on the structural conditions. If the building is architecturally adapted to the standardized space requirements of the staircase, the purchase of a wooden staircase from "mass production" is possible. For custom-made products, especially for half-spiral staircases, prices for wooden stairs are expected to be at least fifty percent higher.

Tips & Tricks

If the structural conditions in your home do not allow for a standard selection, ask about customization options such as pedestals or pedestals that staircase builders and carpenters can make.

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