Transfer printed photos to a canvas with glue

Many service providers offer to transfer pictures and photos to a canvas to get a personal wall decoration. This can also be done with so-called decoupage and napkin adhesives. With Modge Pot® or a similar product printed photos can be applied by gluing on.

Use canvas as a motif carrier

A screen can be used as a projection screen for images from a projector. As carriers of permanent images, canvases are known for painting with watercolor and oil paints. By service providers from the printing industry, the application of pictures and photos has become known.

To dress a canvas and apply a motif, an image on paper can be glued to the canvas with a special adhesive. Subsequent removal of the paper leaves the ink on the screen. Transparency and partial transparency open up extended possibilities of use.

Decoration and use possibilities

A canvas can be hung in the framed state as a mural. In principle, all sizes are possible to make yourself hang the canvas picture. Optionally, the canvas can be hung without stretcher, for example, to a cabinet rear wall and in a window.

However, the image templates must have sufficient contrast and sharpness in the printout. In order to achieve suitable templates, the image resolution is crucial. It refers to the amount of pixels on the surface. When a partially transparent screen is selected, light shines through and also illuminates picture motifs. Except in front of windows, this feature can be used particularly well for lampshades.

How to paste photos onto a canvas

  • Modge Pot® or other decoupage or napkin glue
  • water
  • canvas
  • Copy paper (maximum 80 grams)
  • Small paintbrush or baking brush
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • laser
  • household sponge

1. Print picture

Mirror the desired motif vertically with a graphics program, as it will later be reversed on the screen. Print the image on a laser printer of the size you want it on the screen.

2. Pull up the canvas

Stretch the canvas smoothly, for example, onto a stretcher. The canvas must be wrinkle free.

3. Mix the glue

Stir the Modge Pod® or other decorating adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Glue in the canvas

Apply the glue evenly to the canvas surface with a pastry brush or small paintbrush. Pay attention to distribution to the edges and perfect lump freedom.

5. Stick on the picture

Attach the printed paper image to one side edge and slowly roll it out like a cake dough on the canvas. Use a ruler to sweep air bubbles longitudinally and transversely.

6. Remove paper layer

After a drying time of 24 hours slightly moisten the paper with a household sponge. The moistened paper rubs off layer by layer.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to protect your image against moisture, you can apply clear coat as a sealant.

Product Image: Wedding Stock Photo / Shutterstock

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